CORPORATE EVENT bevent 28 April 2023



Would you like to create an event to motivate and unite your employees? A training course? A corporate event for your shareholders? A product launch? Or develop a brand image by showcasing your values?

We’re here to help you, for your corporate communications events, both internally for your employees and collaborators, and externally for your customers.

When organizing internal events, we take care to choose the right venue. To present the elements of the message and speech you want the public to remember, by scripting the speech and official communications and capturing the audience’s attention.

We’ll find an ideal rhythm for alternating high-profile communication with moments of exchange, discussion or group work sessions.

The aim is to develop the “corporate culture” by taking up the codes, values and customs to federate and animate a strong sense of belonging among employees and show them interest.

It’s an opportunity to facilitate communication and exchange in a different setting and context from traditional business meetings.